Do you have a pain in your wrist? Does it keep coming back whenever you do something? It might be a sign for you to bring this under medical supervision. Therefore you should consider consulting about this with a doctor.

When you notice difficulty doing your daily activities because of your inflamed wrist, this could be a symptom of wrist tendonitis, which is very common these days. It mainly occurs because of irregular wrist movement.

KDMS Hospital introduces a new corridor for treating patients suffering from acute wrist tendonitis. This institution has been comprehended for its excellent medical facilities. It has been helping people for a long time. This hospital uses anti-inflammatory drugs from treating the swollen area.

The Treatment Procedure Of Wrist Pain In KDMS Hospital

The treatment of tendonitis and the tendon of the wrist is divided into three parts. The first part of the treatment procedure is resting your injured hand. In the initial stage of the treatment, the patient with a broken wrist is advised to avoid using their injured arm.

After the hospital finishes the initial treatment, the patient is expected to visit the KDMS Hospital for routine check-ups. If they don’t see any improvement, they are advised to move on to the next stage.

During the early stage of treatment, the patients are asked to soak their injured wrist in warm water. Sometimes they are even prescribed medication to provide them with temporary relief from the pain. Even after this, they are asked to take physical therapy if they do not get any relief.

Usually, by this stage, the person suffering from wrist tendonitis gets to see some improvement in their health condition. It sums up the second stage of the treatments. As a medical institution, the KDMS Hospital ensures that its patient gets their best treatment.

The suffering person is given steroid injections and anti-inflammatory drugs to cure the pain by the end of the second stage. Suppose the condition of the injury improves then, well and good. If not, then it might be a severe issue. The medical facilities provided in the KDMS Hospital are of world-class quality. The hospital uses modern equipment and has a laboratory of its own.   

Steroids and medical drugs are primarily used because it is a fast-acting solution. But in some rare cases, the doctor prescribes to go for minor surgery. Usually, the surgery involves removing the tendon sheath from the site of friction. It will ensure that the tendons move better. 


It is better that you take care of your body to avoid injuries. Everyone should take preventative measures to avoid serious injuries.

Therefore the best you can visit a doctor for a routine check-up. If you have a hectic schedule, you can book an appointment in the KMDS Hospital beforehand. It will save your time and energy.  

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