Rolex is known for its mechanical watches, and any mechanical things need a service to function correctly. So, Rolex has opened Rolex Center (ศูนย์ Rolex, which is the term in Thai) across many countries which provide services to maintain these watches.

But The Question Arises, Why Only Rolex Can Maintain Their Watches?

4 Reasons Why You Should Refer To Rolex Official Repair Center?

  • Rolex uses steel that no one uses, the stainless steel that must be handled properly. In recent days all the watches are made of 904L steel which is very expensive and everyone can effort it. So, this is why we need Rolex Center to keep the watch in good condition.
  • Second, each watch of Rolex is made with bare hands, which means every part of the watch is assembled by hand. Like a mechanical watch, Rolex has hundreds of mechanical components, some of which are tiny and have to be made in a small area by hand. No machinery is used to manufacture them, and one has to be very careful and have enough patience to assemble the watch. So, it’s not possible to repair it when something happens to the watch and need to go to the nearest service centre of Rolex.
  • Another reason is Rolex has its science lab, are every possible experiment and research are conducted by the expert before manufacturing any new product. The company invests so much money in this process, and one of the factors is why Rolex is so expensive.
  • Apart from that, after deep research about what material will be used, how to make it light and attractive and the expenses while producing the product. And if anything happens to the watch, then we have no choice instead visit a service centre that knows their product better than any other.

Rolex is the biggest brand of luxury watches, their products are costly, and you can’t effort any damage to the watch. So we need an expert to repair, and for its long life span, we need to service from time to time. So, trustable service centres are very much needed when we face any problem regarding the watch.

Final Verdict

Rolex provides a premium product that not everyone can handle, which is why we need a Rolex Center. The company is already giving services to its premium customers. Apart from that, there are many outlets worldwide, and the company ensures the best service in the world.