What To Expect In A Free Consultation With A Personal Injury Attorney?

When you get into a car accident or other personal injury incident, you want to recover your damages from the other party. You must file an insurance claim with the liable party’s insurance company to do this. Navigating a legal case is not easy, but an attorney can make things easier and less complex. Most attorneys offer free initial consultation sessions. 

If you are considering hiring an attorney for your personal injury case, make sure you book a free consultation session first. During the free consultation, you can receive answers to the questions you have about your damages and injuries. Some attorneys charge a fee, while others do not. Make sure you choose the right Boston personal injury lawyer

If you meet with a lawyer, do you need to hire them?

Generally, most lawyers and law firms offer free consultation sessions to a new client. Additionally, these sessions come with no strings attached. Therefore, you can go into the office without worrying about being forced to hire the legal expert you meet. The consultation process is for you to get answers to your questions. Ultimately, it is totally up to you whether you want to hire them or not. A consultation can also help you decide whether it is worth pursuing a claim. 

What types of questions can you expect during the consultation?

If you are going into legal consultation to get answers about your case, you can expect several questions from your attorney and ask some yourself. You can get to know your case better by talking and discussing questions. 

The most important ones will be the attorney’s questions. The attorney will ask specific questions about your case, such as when and how it happened. You will be asked about your injuries and whether you went to see a doctor and are currently following a treatment plan. You may be asked to show photos of the accident. 

In addition to being prepared for the attorney’s questions, you should also be prepared to ask your questions. Some important ones include the following:

  • Have you handled similar cases before?  
  • What kind of track record do you have handling cases like this?
  • Will I be able to speak with you every day?
  • What is your fee?

Make sure to bring your documents.

Personal injury cases are worthless and pointless without documents, like medical records, doctor’s notes, police reports, photographs, etc. All of this can make or break your case. Ensure you ask the attorney over the phone about the documents you should bring to the consultation.