Wedge wire screen is multi-functional and is used in uniquely positioned supply chain management. It is not used for one purpose but multipurpose with toughness and clogging resistance suitable for the application form by wedge wires. 


Wedge wire screens are used for filtration, solid-liquid separation, dewatering, concentration, classification, and industry and location. These wires are specially designed to reduce pegging under challenging applications using a wide range of applications. 


What are wedge wire screen filters? 


Wedge wire screen filters are produced from the mineral processing industry withstanding abrasive and corrosive applications considering the vibrating and static wedge wire that can be used. 


Wedge wire filters are brought by high-grade stainless steel and are available as flat panels spotted for weld cylindrical suitable for all applications. 


Characteristics of wedge wire screen 

Less clogging and excellent for dewatering 


The best feature of the wedge wire screen is the triangle shape that solidly passes through the points, which are small tips of the screen. The slits are widened and are likely to be clogged, which finishes away the backwashing effect in excellent maintainability. 

High in strength and durability 


  • Wedge wire screen formation is comprehensive, and the diameter is larger than the slit. 
  • The degree of wear is constant in comparison to the smooth screen surface.
  • The patent material for stainless steel is around (SUS304, 316L)


Therefore, the wedge wire screens are high in strength and durability, and filters such as mesh wire, filter cloth, and perforated clothes. The filters’ outcome depends upon the environment and material involved that can be used indefinitely without replacing and reducing running costs. 


In addition to the feature, wedge wire screens can also be produced in duplex stainless steel and titanium. 

Wide flexibility in design 


Wedge wire screens can be manufactured in various shapes such as flat, cylindrical, or conical because many variations can make it possible. 

Larger circulation 


Compared with other screens, the wedge wire screen is in more extensive circulation to form a smooth cross-section, making no dead ends, excellent resistance, and easy backwash. 

Applications in which wedge wire screens are used: 


  • Abrasive application 


Screen wires are used in abrasive applications manufactured from Grade 430 stainless steel. This is unique and called ferritic steel with no nickel creating high abrasion resistance and good weldability. On delivering your request, extreme abrasive application surfaces are chromed at hard surfaces. 


  • Corrosive applications 


In this application, screen wires are manufactured of Grade 304 stainless steel material. This steel consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, which makes the steel more durable and long-lasting. To deliver your request, grade 316 stainless steel for high corrosive applications is provided. 


Factors considered while selecting wedge wire screens for your mineral processing applications


  • You must check if it offers precise and maintainable sizing? 
  • Does the drainage area be suitable for your requirements? 
  • Look after if it provides sufficient abrasive and corrosion resistance for your application? 
  • Are the release angles perfect for your needs? 
  • Does the construction rate facilitate minimal pegging? 


As a renowned wedge wire screen manufacturer, we will ensure to meet all the criteria about the specific and personalized requirements. 



We hope at the end of the article you are ready to understand what wedge wire screens are and the benefits of using various applications for them. 


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