Nose surgery is also known as rhinoplasty. It is a plastic surgery where the alteration and reconstruction of the nose are done. A surgeon under expert guidance does surgery by readjusting the bone and cartilage under your skin. After nose surgery what are the steps you need to follow are given below.

Why Nose Surgery?

You might be wondering why nose surgery is essential. Well, those people who have problems with breathing, congenital disabilities problem or are unhappy with the appearance of their noses usually prefer such surgeries.

The surgeon usually takes care of the nose through rhinoplasty; this includes a change in size and angle of the nose. It also reshapes the tip of the nose and narrows the nostrils, and straightens the bridge. There are no such criteria that are performed during nose surgery. This type of surgery can occur at a younger or older age.

Follow The Steps After Surgery.

How to take care of nose surgery (วิธี ดูแล หลัง ทํา จมูก, which is the term in Thai) needs to follow the steps.

  • Listen To Your Doctor.

After plastic surgery, a surgeon is a first and foremost person as a doctor to advise the right or wrong things to you. You must follow all the specific instructions to prevent infection and take care of the surgical site. You must follow up and receive vital information to take care of your nose surgery.

  • Listen To Your Body

A doctor must look at the matter outside, but the inside body feeling is never neglected. Therefore listen to your body whether you feel good or bad after surgery. Your body will immediately give you the idea of right or wrong, which cannot be neglected.

  • The Head Should Be Elevated.

After surgery, you will be in discomfort mode. So the sleeping postures need to be changed. Always try to keep your head elevated to avoid additional swelling and bruising. After all, the easiest way is to use a forming wedge or two to three pillows and keep your head elevated.

  • Cold Compresses

After three days, you must use cold compresses to reduce the swelling. Make sure to apply the compress to your cheeks and not directly to your nose.

Bottom Line

The nose is an essential part of facial expression and should be handled with care. Follow the steps after surgery and opt for surgery if it is required. Opt for no surgery with proper care to have a well-settled nose in this fashionable world.