You must have a very stunning idea in your mind about how your custom challenge coin should look! Now all you need to do is bring the idea to life. With Responders Pro custom coins, you can get the coin that reflects you and is exactly as you imagined it to be.

Here are a few steps you ought to follow when creating custom challenge coins:

A] Select a product

Your first step should be selecting the kind of coin you desire. For that, you need to evaluate your purpose and ask for the options available for the same.  You can create custom coins from base; therefore selecting a product is what you should begin with.

2] Customize your coin

Here comes the most crucial step of creating your custom coin. Following, product selection, you need to bring your personalization to life. Decide the style, colour, shape, type, border of the design. You can add additional features like bottle opening function, a centrepiece that spins, glow in the dark, epoxy coats, translucent enamel, rhinestones, and so much more.

3] Submit your design

After ironing out the details and getting a precise design, submit it. For this, all you have to do is simply upload a PDF of the design. You could attach the insignia, company’s logo, and other instructions in the text.

If you are struggling to come up with a custom design, you could express your requirements to the company and seek help from their assistants. The in-house design teams can help you create a stunning coin design.

4] Approve the sample

After submitting a design, all you have to do is wait patiently. The team will work on your design and create what you fancied. You might receive photographs of the final result for review or they might send you a physical prototype. If it is as you pictured, you can tell the team to proceed with the production; if not, you can provide feedbacks and get the necessary changes made.

After following these series of steps, once the production is complete with edits made; you will receive the coins. Having something you designed and imagined being produced the exact same way fills you with joy that knows no bounds.  You can use the coins wherever and whenever you want. You could hand them over for recognition of stellar accomplishments or sell them off to commemorate significant events.