If you have a small bathroom, you will not be able to do much to expand it. Moving the toilet, tub, or sink may not be possible due to the location of the plumbing lines. Because of this, you may want to make the most of the space. One of the things you can do is invest in bathroom cabinets for more storage. Here are other things to make the most of what your bathroom space has:

Have a Pedestal Sink

Sinks that have cabinet space underneath can be used to store bathroom items like toiletries. But they take up more space. You can free the floor space by installing a pedestal sink. If you want to have a vanity cabinet in your bathroom, invest in one that is raised off the floor and has legs. This option allows for more space for walking around inside the bathroom. 

Stay Organized

Clutter that covers up counter space can make the bathroom feel smaller. To improve the room, invest in built-in bathroom storage or wall-mounted storage. For instance, custom cabinets can store toilet paper rolls or miscellaneous shampoo bottles. They let you clutter the space without giving up floor space. 

Invest in Glass Shower Doors

A small bathroom can feel claustrophobic because of shower curtains.  The reason is that the curtains will prevent you from viewing the tub directly. Glass shower doors are available in various designs to complement your bathroom tile flooring and other design elements. 

Paint the Walls

For a cramped bathroom, light neutral shades will provide the impression of a big airy room. A bathroom that does not have windows can benefit from having a light colour. If you are planning to install cabinets in the bathroom, pick a paint colour that matches the room’s wood tones.

Replace Old Fixtures

Poor lighting makes any room feel smaller. To improve your bathroom and make it look bigger, invest in proper lighting. Also, this lighting makes it convenient for you to shave, brush your teeth, and put on makeup. You can install light fixtures on either side of the bathroom vanity or a mirror. Ensure your bathroom design fits your design preferences and lifestyle. 

Install New Cabinets

If your bathroom countertops are cluttered, you should consider installing new bathroom cabinets. Given the size of your bathroom, it may not have sufficient storage space. Your contractor can help you determine the amount of space available for the cabinets.