So what are you doing with your old jewellery? You do have a few options for what to do with it. If you are not attached to your jewellery pieces, you can recycle them with Gold Buyers Australia Wide. Using the option is great if you have broken or odd pairs of gold pieces. Not only is it beneficial for your pocket but the environment as well. When you recycle gold with a gold dealer, you can make money from your unwanted jewellery. 

How To Recycle Your Jewellery 

The fantastic thing about lovely quality jewellery like gold is that all parts are recyclable. So from the gold to the precious stones has value. A fact is that gold can be recycled over and again. Still, if you are uncertain if your jewellery piece is real gold, you can always send it to a gold buyer online using a mail-in service to have it appraised. 

What is The Process of Recycling Jewellery

Suppose you want to recycle your gold jewellery using any of the Gold Buyers Australia Wide. In that case, you first need to work out the value of your gold. The assessment is based on three criteria. First, you need to check the karat as each holds a different gold percentage. 

It starts at 24k, which is 100% pure gold and works its way down. So, depending on the gold percentage, you will be paid based on the AUD gold price on that day for your gold bullion trading on the stock market.

Another measurement used in the precious metals equation is the weight. So, the heavier your item, the higher the evaluation will be. Next, gold dealers also consider each gold piece’s purity, testing with high-quality technology. 

Does Recycling Your Old Jewellery Help With Climate Change 

When you look at mined and recycled gold, the latter produces up to 99% less greenhouse gas emissions than mining gold. While gold mining or other precious metals still does not produce massive greenhouse gas emissions like iron ore, nickel, and copper. It is still a worthy option to think about when you buy jewellery. Every precaution and action you take makes a difference in our world. 

Are You Ready to Recycle Your Used Jewellery

Gold buyers online have made the process of recycling gold pieces effortless. All you do is order your mail-in pack from a gold dealer online. Moreover, the gold buyers make the process easy to use with a gold mail service. Hence, you can order a mail envelope to fill in a form and send your unwanted items to them. 

Moreover, with registered mail, they will receive your scrap gold, covered by insurance. So, you will not need to pocket out on the online process. When your gold package arrives, the dealer will let you know by email and provide you with their findings. Then you can decide if you are happy with the offer to receive money paid into your bank account. 

Still, if you decline the valuation, they will return your gold jewellery in the same condition back to you by mail.