Orthotics and Foot pain go hand in hand. We all know that foot pain is a common, but debilitating ailment. When you have severe pain in your foot that is intolerable then the best thing is to take help from a podiatrist.

Our feet carry our entire body weight and it also gives support while you walk and run comfortably. Therefore, they are more prone to get affected by everyday workouts. Especially when you are aging or you are an individual who is on the foot for a longer period then foot problems are an everyday issue. In such situations, a podiatrist will diagnose your problem and recommend a simple noninvasive treatment for the same. This includes custom orthotics.

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Introduction to Orthotics

Orthotics are special shoes or heel inserts that act as a shock absorber. They work like extra padding in your shoes that will reduce the pressure and stress on your feet. A podiatrist will recommend the best custom orthotics to treat leg, foot, or back problems.

The right kind of orthotics can help you treat the following foot problems:

  • Correct any kind of foot deformities
  • Your foot or ankle can function better
  • Give support to your ankle
  • Reduce the further risk of foot injuries

Orthotics are found in various customizable forms. Your podiatrist will only recommend orthotics if any kind of exercise or other home treatments do not work on your foot problems.

Custom-made Orthotics

Custom-made orthotics need to be fitting well on your foot. For this, only a licensed podiatrist can check your foot and create custom-made orthotics for your foot. A wrong one can increase foot pain.

If you are buying orthotics from a drugstore or a shoe store, then you need to be aware of the correct size for your feet. It is difficult for you to get the right size. Other than this we do get insoles for the feet. Though this will make your foot feel softer from inside the shoe it doesn’t specifically solve your foot issue.

Thus, getting prescribed orthotics will ensure that you will be able to wear all the different types of shoes and that too with not much pain. There are also chances that the foot pain can get alleviated altogether.

Types of orthotics

Orthotics are available in different types of materials. So, a doctor will always prescribe orthotics depending on your condition and your symptoms.

  • Mainly they are made of rigid materials like carbon fiber, plastic, or something soft and accommodative like being flexible and cushioned.
  • Most of them are like insoles that are present in many athletic shoes or like smaller heel inserts found in the back of the shoe.
  • There are ankle-foot inserts that have not only shoe inserts but also the upright portion that extends from the heel upward to the calf.

Call your good podiatrist and get custom orthotics in Orange county that will solve all your foot problems.