Nudify: photo generator that removes clothes from photos

Nudify is a great app that allows you to pixelate areas of your photos to create the illusion of nudity. For example, you can easily get Scarlett Johansson nude photo in just a few clicks. It must be admitted that neural network copes with its task exceptionally professionally. Here is more about it. 

How can we use AI in a new way? 

Many people interested in image processing have probably already seen the new capabilities of Adobe Photoshop related to changing pictures using artificial intelligence. However, not everyone knows that besides this graphic editor, there are online services with similar functions based on AI and neural networks. One of the actions that can be implemented using such sites is undressing a photo and automatically filling in the content.

How does the neural network algorithm for undressing a photo work?

Essentially, the neural network cannot remove clothes from people in photographs. Following, its algorithm is based on a generative neural network trained on 100,000 pairs of images of clothed and undressed people. However, this diffusion model does not have enough information about people not in the original database: shape, skin color, moles, and other details cannot be accurately reproduced. To “remove” clothes from new faces, the neural network must use its “imagination” or generate data. Ultimately, the result of the treatment depends on the lighting, posture, and the presence of additional elements under clothing, such as corsets or shapewear for women.

So, modern AI tools like the Nudify app provide a glimpse into the future, setting industry standards and pushing the boundaries of technological capabilities. As we continue to see advances in this field, the value and impact of these tools will expand, making this an exciting era for everyone involved in the AI ecosystem.