One of the most important parts of the maintenance of heat pumps is cleaning the outdoor coils. Your home’s heat pump will not be able to operate efficaciously if the condenser coils are dirty. So, twice a year make sure that you shut off the main power and clean the coils with a special solution. The next important maintenance work that you should be doing is to keep the snow away. If you live in a climate where there is maximum snowfall, then you will need to go outdoors to clear the ice and snow. If your heat pump is properly installed then it should be raised from the ground to allow the ice or snow to melt and drain. But you must keep the area clear. 

Choose Good Technicians – 

You can call us today to get your heat pump inspected. Heat pumps are durable but it is also important that you get them inspected once a year by an HVAC technician who is qualified. Only the technicians will be able to find out the potential issues and repair them before it gets serious or becomes a serious issue. Another important query that people commonly have is that they do not know whether they need ducts for a heat pump system. So, the simplest answer is that of a No. One of the advantages of the heat pump technology is that it is elastic and you can install the heat pump system with ductwork or without present ductwork. 

Heat Pump and Ductwork – 

Many people do not know about heat pumps and have this common question what is a heat pump? So, a heat pump is a device that transfers heat from colder areas to other areas by mechanical energy that is used in the refrigerator. Besides all of that, if you have ductwork then you can easily combine a heat pump in your present infrastructure. Plus, if there is no ductwork, then you can install a mini-split heat pump system also known as a mini air conditioner split one. Mini-split AC is a small wall-mounted unit that transfers cool air into your house directly.