There are several persons that are familiar with growing beautiful flowers in deck rail planters. Deck rail planters are perfect for growing herbs and vegetables as most herbs and vegetables do not need deep soil to thrive. This has made it quite easy to grow as they are ideally suitable for these plants and herbs. However, it is not all deck rail planters that are shallow as there are varieties of sizes with which they can be gotten. Some of them are recessed at the base to fit over your rail perfectly, while some other ones have hooks that help them to hang on the rail. There are different types of deck rail planters, even their designers are of different types and they can be very useful in growing vegetables and herbs.

We will be looking at a few examples of vegetables and herbs that can be grown by making use of deck rail planters, before that, you need no skill to be able to pick the style and color of container that best suits your plant. However, there are some little things that you may want to consider in choosing your type of container, for example, a black container will make your soil to be warmer which might be good or not, and there are other containers that have many drainages like wicker basket which may be beneficial for some crops and may not do well for some. The idea here is that before making that choice of deck rail planters you are going to get you must pay attention to the type of vegetables or herbs you will be growing in these deck rail containers.

Here is the list of vegetables and herbs that can be grown in deck rail planters;

  1. Radishes are perfect in deck rail planters as they grow quickly.
  2. Leafy salad greens are other vegetables that grow fast and are easy to take care of.
  3. Hot peppers are a type of vegetable that beyond the ease of plantation also has a good view that can add to the beauty of the house when planted in deck rail planters.
  4. Sweet peppers.
  5. Strawberries can also thrive in containers in a good sunny spot.
  6. Spinach.
  7. Green Onions.
  8. Garlic.
  9. Cherry tomatoes.
  10.  Swiss chard.

Here are a few of the lists of the vegetables that can be grown with the usage of deck rail planters, there are still more options for vegetables that can be grown using deck rail planters.