Follow these best home staging tips

Home staging is a method that is easy to master once you understand certain basics. This enhancement of our interior is essential when the time comes to put a residence up for sale. To support you in your approach, follow our best home staging tips  for making a good home staging. You can also put these tips into practice once a season, when it comes time to clean up your cottage, condominium or semi-detached. After all, home staging is simply the art of making a home comfortable, beautiful and inviting.

Create an inviting welcome

The first impression that a residence gives is very important. Take the time to clean the entrance and the steps of your house and install colorful flowers there. Shake out the doormats, empty the gutters, scrub the doorknob and make sure the mailbox is in good condition. Feel free to give it a little lick of paint if needed.

Organize and depersonalize

Inside, the first step is to clean and tidy the house while depersonalizing it as much as possible. Remove the prescriptions lying around in the bathroom, the magnetic discount coupons on the fridge, and the calendars on which you have scribbled your appointments. Visitors should easily imagine themselves living in your home.

Do some small improvement works

Without redoing the kitchen or the bathroom, several small affordable projects will have a lot of impact. Adding a ceramic kitchen backsplash, changing the kitchen cabinet door handles, refreshing the shower curtain and replacing a broken mirror in the master bedroom are some inexpensive examples.

Use a virtual tool

You want to repaint, but hesitate to choose the color. There are home staging tools online such as Foyr Neo that will allow you to visualize the changes before taking action. You can also find tips for creating vignettes in living spaces and giving a professional touch to the decor before visits.

Clean out the pantry

Chances are, visitors will spend time opening cupboards and drawers all over the house. While it is a bit unrealistic to store everything perfectly, spend some time emptying and cleaning the food that is in the pantry. Throw out stale food and clean up anything that looks sticky or unappetizing. If you have a spice cabinet, now is also the time to organize it better. Empty it, discard expired products, clean the containers and the inside of the cupboard, and put everything back in order.

Thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathroom

Cleanliness is essential everywhere in the house, and even more so in the bathroom and kitchen. Wash the walls, floor, and scrub the chrome to make it shine. Clean places that you do not notice at first glance, but which will be a point of interest for visitors, such as the oven hood, the electric baseboards, and the sanitary products shelf in the shower.

Choose your home fragrance carefully

Forget the cliché thing about cookies in the oven. Most people would rather visit a home that smells clean and quiet than food smells. Opt for scents like eucalyptus, basil or lemon. Run your essential oil diffuser for an hour before the tours start. You can also light a scented candle in the bathroom.