Experimenting is important for all fashion photographers to click images that are unique and attractive. To make their photos look more artistic, one needs to use their perspective in a smart manner and go beyond the typical eye-level angles. Taking pictures from down low or high up can help fetch great results, and allow the photographers to show their audience a different point of view. Using a Dutch tilt can also be a smart move. For this, the photographers just have to shift their frames sideways and get a more edgy look. Experienced fashion photographers like Bruce Weber typically try to explore varied ways to click charming and exceptional photos.

Choosing the right location is imperative to clicking gorgeous and innovative fashion photographs. While location scouting, one must try to find a place that suits the mood or looks they want to achieve with the shoot. For instance, shooting near the sea or in the woods will be great for creating a dreamy vibe. On the other hand, taking photos on the streets or even on the rooftop of a skyscraper will be great for creating an urban aura. One should never be afraid to shoot at places that people may not expect to see, no matter whether it is a construction site or their own backyard.

Figuring out new styles is an important aspect of shooting artistic fashion images. Exploring new styles can apply to posing, composition and more. It would be smart to step away from the standard way of posing, and ask the models to move around and try out different positions instead. They may interact with the environment or one another as well. Bruce Weber is renowned for adding a personal and nostalgic quality to his fashion shoots, while highlighted and sun-drenched summer days charged with the beauty of mythical youth. On the whole, photographers need to understand that no matter the type of pose they choose, they need to see to it that the models always look natural and elegant.  To have the perfect creative effective, shooting with a regular lens is always not enough. One needs to try other options rather than always using their go-to lens. For instance, they can try vintage lenses made for film cameras by using an adapter to add unusual effects to the photos. Vintage lenses ideally can produce soft focus, which makes pictures look dreamy. Photographers may even use a prism to create kaleidoscopic effects, which makes an image look magical and stellar.

Using color gels would be a good idea to add a more vibrant effect to the artistic fashion photos. These gels come in multiple sizes and hues, and the ones used by a photographer will depend on the type of lighting they have. The big gels are meant for strobe lights. All one has to do is clip or strap them into their light source, and after triggering their flash, the scene shall light up in the color installed.