If you are looking for the top-performing server for your business in this generation, then Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 is the name. It is the server for one who requires scalability for data centers. Here we have all the details about the server that will help you choose the best server for yourself.

Be it a small startup or a larger one that needs reliability, security, and manageability, SR650 is a perfect option. It helps in optimizing the performance and is flexible for the expansion in future, it is a 2-socket 2U rack server. It is a server that is designed especially for speed and expansion. Additionally, it also offers flexible storage and I/O.

What Does The SR650 Server Manage?

Cloud Computing, databases, Business Analytics, Big Data, Collaboration/email, Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and Enterprise application is the stuff it manages.

Who Can Use It?

Various servers in the market are designed for different purposes. But each of them has its purpose. SR650 server is the one that gives IT solutions for the following ones; technical specialists, sales specialists, sales engineers, IT architects, IT professionals, etc.


SR650 server is an Intel Xeon SP Gen 2 processor. It is a second-generation processor that offers

  • I/O Expansion
  • Scalable
  • Storage Capacity

It is a server that offers I/O expansion options which are flexible. It comes with a slot LOM, a dedicated storage controller, and expansion slots up to 6x rear PCIe. SR650 is a processor that accommodates around two processors. It is the one that has a memory of 3TB. Additionally, it consists of drive bays up to 24 2.5-inch or 14 3.5-inch with a wide range of drive technologies.

Features Of The SR650 Server

It is always essential to know the features of the server before you choose the one for your business. It consists of energy-saving attributes that help in conserving energy, support environmental sustainability, boost energy availability, and lower operating expenses. Here are the features offered by the server;

  • Outstanding processing power per watt and redundant 80 PLUS Titanium and Platinum power supplies are featured.
  • Enables customers to reduce their energy expenses by being designed in some configurations to satisfy ASHRAE A4 criteria.
  • Reduces power consumption with Intel Intelligent Power Capability, which turns on and off specific processor components as necessary.
  • Reduces electricity usage using fans that have varying speeds.
  • Lenovo xclarity Energy Manager, which offers comprehensive data center power notification, analysis, and policy-based control, assists in reducing heat production and cooling requirements.