Dragon Mart Carpets- Different types

Dragon mart curtain are one of the most stylish carpets and these are the favorites among carpet fanciers because of their attractive coloring and striking design. Dragon mart carpets have their basic pattern, irregular, great, jagged bands that form an ogee lattice.


Some dragon mart carpets are narrow in length with a single-stripe border as in the vase carpets. In the lattice, the blossoms mask intersections in the spaces between the bands that appear like deformed Chinese Dragon mart carpets, fawns naggers, and flaming lions.


The colorful geometric design is very well-liked, especially the diaper pattern formed of overlapping ivory with serrated edges. The lozenges appear to be offset rows enfolding various vertical palmette shapes and rows of Dragon mart carpets separated by other forms of leaves.


Types of Dragon Carpets


Dragon mart curtains have various types of styles carpets. Some of them are listed below.


Carpet with Palm Trees and Birds


This carpet is designed with its depiction of trees and birds and is conceived as a textile with a repeat design in which each unit reverses the direction of the preceding one. Mostly, palm tree carpets have generally a naturalistic drawing of the field’s flora, and bright red color and it has mostly Indian feature.


Carpet with Triple-Arch Design


This carpet is carefully drawn, and it is subtly colored carpet among one of the finest dragon mart carpets. This carpet design includes a triple-arched gateway and its design probably originated and was created in the Ottoman imperial workshop. The center arch hanging lamp recalls verses from the Qur’an that likens God to the light of a lamp. The combination of this carpet’s high-quality and relatively small size suggests that it can be also used as a prayer rug or carpet.


Tiraz Fragment


This historical carpet has a tiny caption in the right margin containing the name Ibn Khushu’i. And like many tiraz textiles, the Kufic inscription embroidered across the central field of this fragment has the name of the Abbasid caliph, al-Mu’tadid. Especially silk and cotton woven fabric of this carpet is referred to in Arabic literature as mulham which has been related to Merv–the Abbasid capital of Khurasan.



Dragon mart carpet is always an excellent hygienic product and never negotiates with the quality. These carpets grab the attention of customers. You should stand up to place and maintain these carpets. You can get customization carpets whether the customer’s requirement is small or large.


Dragon mart carpet helps in hiding stains and adds different elements of design to stairway multi-patterns. A carpet can create a beautiful look on the stairs with proper selection installation and selection.