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Just the thought of waking up in the morning to find your coffee machine no longer works is heartbreaking, so when it actually happens, it’s no different from the end of the world! Some people are incredibly attached to their coffee machines, completely fulfilled by the delicious caffeinated drinks it produces for them daily. So, when this daily comfort is taken away, it can be a challenging time, and we completely understand! Thankfully, our professional services see to it that your coffee machine is serviced and repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can once again find solitude at the bottom of your favourite coffee mug. 

So, if your coffee machine needs professional servicing, visit the Bravo Repair Centre today! 

Tell-Tale Signs Your Coffee Machine Needs Servicing. 

For those of us who simply cannot start the day without a steaming cup of coffee, investing in a prestigious coffee machine is the greatest decision to make. With the luxury and convenience of a coffee machine at home, you can enjoy your elixir of life whenever and wherever you want to, but keeping your beloved equipment in check is essential. Regular servicing will ensure no major issues arise and that all hidden faults or malfunctions are fixed before compromising the coffee machine’s operations. 

Of course, with daily use, your coffee machine will experience wear and tear, but this is why regular servicing is a must-have if you want to preserve the machine’s lifespan and continue enjoying delicious coffee in the comfort of your home. 

So, let’s take a look at a few tell-tale signs your coffee machine needs servicing: 

  • Inconsistent dispensing speed. Do you find that some days your coffee takes far longer to dispense than other days? Or maybe it dispenses too quickly? If your coffee machine is displaying an inconsistent dispensing speed compared to its post-purchase speed, it may be time to have it serviced. 
  • Leaking. For most appliances, a leak is often cause for alarm, but when it’s your coffee being spilled on the kitchen counter, it’s an absolute no-no! So, if you notice your coffee machine is leaking water or coffee at various points, it’s best to send it in for professional servicing. 
  • Flashing lights. In general, coffee machines should not have flashing lights. So, if at any point yours begins flickering, switch it off immediately and send it in for coffee machine servicing. Flashing lights indicate a fault in the circulatory system of the machine, requiring immediate attention before it can be used safely again. 
  • Incorrect temperature. Your coffee machine may have a faulty temperature switch if it’s either scolding hot or bitterly cold but never just right. A malfunction of the temperature gauge should be assessed and serviced immediately by a professional. 

Unfortunately, many people are behind their coffee machine’s demise, ignoring the signs of strain and damage and neglecting the fundamentals of coffee machine maintenance. However, it is fairly easy to care for a coffee machine. As a rule, it should be cleaned after every use or at least rinsed with warm water to remove residue. In addition, it needs a daily wipe-down to keep its exquisite shine and polish and should be decalcified every few weeks using either an at-home solution of white vinegar and water or the manufacturer’s decalcification tablet. 

The more you use the machine, the more care it will require to continue functioning properly. So, if you want your coffee machine to live a long and happy life on your kitchen counter, then don’t skip your essential coffee machine servicing! 

Here at Bravo Repair Centre, we understand how important your coffee machine is to you, which is why we endeavour to deliver expert coffee machine servicing as quickly as possible, reuniting you with your next cup of coffee before you know it! Visit us today!