Beach Weddings Vs Church Weddings: Which to go For?

Some people prefer to get married in a church, others might choose a beach, while some may even have crazy ideas like getting married dressed as Elvis. However, for the purpose of this article, we’re going to concentrate on the first two.

Essentially, some couples are drawn to a tropical beach, while others prefer to exchange vows in a religious place of worship. However, no matter which you choose, you should consider the following so that your day is as memorable as you hoped it would be!

  1. The Romance

The romance of standing in the sand, the wind slapping against your skin and the waves lapping at your feet is something that many brides dream about.

Compared to a beach wedding, a church ceremony may seem a little dull, but it is still a sacred event that draws a community together. It is also a public commitment that the couple makes to God and their fellow parishioners.

It is important to remember that a wedding is a very personal event and should be chosen based on the couple’s wishes. There is no right or wrong answer to where you prefer to get married.

  1. The Location

Beautiful scenery and climate are one of the primary reasons some will opt for a beach wedding. Who can blame them? They can also be held in exotic destinations that offer unforgettable memories for both the couple and their guests.

Just make sure you understand local laws. Different countries may have different rules you have to abide by. You cannot just rock up on a beach somewhere and start saying your nuptials.

  1. The Cost

The cost of a beach wedding is very different from the cost of a church or hotel-based wedding. This is due to a few reasons.

Getting married in a smaller venue like a beach means fewer guests and less food needed via catering matrimonio. This can save you 50 to 75% of the costs compared to a traditional wedding in your home town.

Another huge difference is that a beach ceremony requires fewer decorations and extras, such as lighting. In comparison to a church, the beach ceremony does not require a big venue, electricity or staff, so you can spend much less on these things.

If you’re thinking of getting married at a beach, it is important to do your research. Don’t just get your heart set on a location based on word of mouth, do some research and tour the venue.

  1. The Time of Day

If you’re a beach lover, planning a wedding on the sand is a great way to say “I do.” However, it is important to choose the right time of day for your ceremony.

Early morning or late afternoon ceremonies are typically ideal because the sun isn’t as intense, making it easier for everyone to be comfortable. It’s also important to consider the time of year that you’re getting married. The autumn and spring seasons are less crowded and offer better weather, but they are still popular times for beach weddings.

In Summary

It will come down to your own personal preferences as to where you choose to get married. There is nothing wrong with either option. Before booking a beach wedding, make sure to check with the venue about whether permits are required. This is especially important for public beaches, which may have noise regulations in place.