Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology is the ancient branch of astrology. The purpose of Vedic astrology is to uplift the human soul and attain the true goal of life. Atmkarka is the Sanskrit word and signifies the desires of the soul. According to Vedic astrology, ‘atma’ refers to the soul and ‘karaka’ means the significator or indicator of the soul. Vedic astrology believes that Sun and the other planets are the Atmakaraka and strongly influence the native’s zodiac. The position of the planets is considered to make the strongest influence on the astrological chart. Here we will discuss the details about Atmakaraka according to the most renowned online astrologer.

Name of the Karakas in Vedic astrology

According to Vedic astrology, “Karakas” are the primary planets that influence the natives’ characteristics. There are several karakas among which the most important Karaka is the Atmakaraka. It is the primary significator of the soul. The Atmakaraka is believed to rule the person according to the position of the ruling planet in the person’s horoscope.

The planets in Atmakraka

The plants in the Atmakaraka are:

  • Ravi (The Sun)
  • Chandra (The Moon)
  • Kuja (Mars)
  • Budha (Mercury)
  • Guru (Jupiter)
  • Sukra (Venus)
  • Sani (Saturn)
  • Rahu
  • Ketu

Ancient Indian astrology believes that Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planets and therefore don’t have any physical existence. The position of Rahu and Ketu are believed to be at the lunar nodes and consist of retrograde motion. The rasi or Zodiac sign and Nakshatra or Lunar mansion are also important parts of Atmakaraka.

In Parashara astrology, the planets of the karakas have fixed positions. In Jamini astrology, the position of the Karakas depends on the position of the planets in the astrological chart. The positions of karakas are also available in the best astrology app.

What are movable karakas

The movable karakas which are also known as Chara karakas are present in Jamini astrology. ‘Chara’ is a Sanskrit word that means movable. The influences and positions of the karakas are present in the ‘Upadesa Sutra’ of the Jamini Astrology.

Celestial longitude is responsible for assigning the karakas. According to the longitudinal positions, the ruling planet of Karaka moves from 0° relative longitude and it enters the sign to 30°.  While changing its position, Karaka crosses into the next zodiac sign. The Atmakaraka according to Jamini astrology, consists of the greatest celestial longitude. Other karakas are placed in descending order. The following table provides detailed information about the position of Karakas.

    Name Karaka Name Influences over
Atma Atmakaraka The human soul
Amatya Amatyakaraka Human mind
Matru Matrukaraka Mother
Bhratru Bhratrukaraka Brothers
Pitru Pitrukaraka Father
Putra Putrakaraka Children
Gnathi karaka Relatives
Dara Darakaraka Husband or wife

There are also some rare examples where you can find that two planets are present on the same celestial longitude. Jamini astrology considers them the same karaka. Darkaraka which is also the last karaka is present without a planet. The position of Rahu is among the seven planets. However, because of Rahu’s retrograde motion, the celestial longitude of Rahu is measured from the end to the beginning. The measurement is contrary to other planets.

There are also some planetary positions where two planets are present in the same longitude. In that case, one karaka will remain without a planet. The highest karaka is assigned to Rahu and then the remainder of the other karakas are assigned the planet having the same lords in their positions.

What are fixed karakas

The fixed karakas are also known as Natural karakas or Sthira karakas. From the following table, you can get detailed information about the positioning of the fixed karakas.

Ravi or the Sun Atmakaraka Father, Human soul
Chandra or the Moon Matrukaraka Mother
Kuja or Mars Bhratrukaraka and Gnathikaraka Brother and Cousins
Budha or Mercury Amatyakaraka Profession or livelihood
Guru or Jupiter Putrakaraka Children
Sukra or Venus Darakaraka Husband or Wife
Sani Lifespan
Rahu Relationships from mother’s side
Ketu Relationships from father’s side


So, here are the most important points that one must know about the Atmakaraka. You can also take help from renowned astrologers or the best astrology app to know about the Atmakaraka in your zodiac. With the right information about Atmakaraka from the renowned online astrologer, you can get enlightenment of the soul.