So many people have been bitten by a dog before by the last count 5 million people are bitten by dogs yearly in America now that is humongous. That means a whole lot of Americans are victims of dog bites can we call this human being abused by dogs because that seems to be the case here. These are abuses being orchestrated against humans by dogs and we don’t seem to care too much about that. This is cruelty against humanity that can only be the reason why out of the 5 million bites only 14000 people get compensated now that is a complete failure on all of us who see and keep quiet over this ordeal. We can do better and we must do better we have people being disabled daily and we act like all is well when we can see that opposite is the case. We have to hold these dogs accountable and that is by holding their owners to account for their atrocities try Denver dog bite attorney.

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