Caring for an infant might be incredibly intimidating during your first month as a new parent. Having a confinement nanny by your side might provide you with some support and boost your confidence as you enter motherhood.

Here’s a guide to finding a good confinement nanny in Singapore, as well as the prices and other information you may want.

What does a confinement nanny do?

Confinement nannies are designed to care for both mother and child during the critical first month, giving new mothers plenty of time to recuperate, relax, and connect with their kids.

They would generally make healthy confinement foods to nourish the mother and assist with baby-related duties since they were primarily concerned with the mother and baby’s well-being. For example, this might entail feeding the infant, changing their diapers, washing the baby, doing the mother’s and baby’s clothes, and, on occasion, cleaning and mopping.

Confinement nannies may also provide helpful advice on caring for the infant and recovering well post-partum for concerned new mothers.

Where can I get confinement nannies?

Confinement nannies are easily accessible online, but here are a few resources to consider while looking for the finest options:

  1. Referrals through word of mouth

Nothing beats obtaining recommendations about confinement nannies from other happy parents. They’ll be able to tell you all you need to know after living with the nanny for a month, from how the nanny interacts with the mother and baby to how excellent their cuisine is.

Given that you’ll be inviting this individual to remain in your house, it’s critical to learn about the nanny ahead from a reliable source as much as possible. The greatest freelance confinement nannies are usually introduced to pregnant moms in this manner, albeit they may be more expensive.

  1. Parenting discussion boards

If no one in your network can recommend a nanny, seek local parenting forums. These are also helpful places to research and read reviews about confinement nannies. This is especially beneficial if you’ve already chosen some individuals and want to check for any complaints filed against them.

  1. Nanny agencies that specialise in confinement

Confinement nanny services, which are easily accessible online, are the best venues to find a decent nanny. These organisations are similar to one-stop shops where you may ask questions and get them answered by a professional. The consultant will also review what your nanny will perform for you in-depth and offer other pertinent information.

Cost of confinement nannies

  1. Salary

With so many freelancers and organisations to choose from, the precise cost of hiring a confinement nanny might vary considerably.

To give you a better idea, the cost of a live-in confinement nanny from a Singaporean nanny agency for one child for 28 days is normally $2,500-$3,500. Hiring a live-in confinement nanny from Malaysia (also popular among parents here) for the same time period would generally cost $3,000-3,500.

As previously said, more ‘in-demand’ nannies might fetch higher wages, so cast your net wide to discover one that fits your budget.

  1. Ang bao’s

Did you know you’re also obliged to gift your confinement nanny ang bao? Set up $180-$200 for your confinement nanny’s ang bao, which she will get on the first and last days of confinement.

‘First-day ang baos’ often cost $30-$80, but ‘final day ang baos’ might cost $100-$500, depending on how satisfied you are with their services. Some nanny services may even specify a minimum ang bao sum that must be paid.

  1. Insurance

New and current nannies entering Singapore must have medical insurance with a minimum coverage of $10,000. This covers medical costs if they develop Covid-19 symptoms or test positive within 14 days of arriving in Singapore.

You must obtain this insurance before the nanny arrives in Singapore. This is in addition to the nanny’s standard medical insurance, which covers additional medical bills, illnesses, or injuries experienced in Singapore. This insurance must provide at least $15,000 in coverage.

  1. Other Charges

Because the confinement nanny will be staying in your house for at least a month, you will need to purchase a mattress and bedding for them, costing roughly $150.

Furthermore, the expense of confinement supplements and herbal products would come out of your wallet, which might total $300-$500.

You can also consider confinement nanny packages which should save you some money if you are on a budget.

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