Many organizations are active now in organizing team-building activities. These activities help the employees learn various hard and soft skills, along with maintaining a positive relationship with other team members. Many times, the team does not perform well because of a lack of coordination. The leader is not able to handle the conflicts between the team members and, therefore, is unable to show the results. This is the reason the companies have started such professional programs: to create a healthy environment in the organization.

The team-building activities for employees could be exciting if planned efficiently. It could be outdoor or indoor. In this article, we have listed some very exciting outdoor activities that will help make your program highly successful.

Outdoor Team building Activities for Employees 

  • Raft Building

Group Size: 20-150

Duration: 2 Hours

Target Skills: Strategy, Creativity, Time Management, Resource Management

Description: Every team will be divided into four to six members. The team members are provided with some limited floatable items, so they have to build a raft. It is a time-based task where they have to build a raft and make it float on the water, and one team member has to row it to a certain marked point in the given duration. 

  • Jigsaw Puzzle

Group Size: 30-500

Duration: 2 – 3 Hours

Target Skills: Communication, Collaboration, Leadership, Creative Thinking

Description: All the employees are divided into teams of equal members. Now every team has given some picture related to the organization that needs to be drawn by them. Every team member has to individually dram one part of the picture and combine it to make a larger picture. The team members have to collaborate to win the competition. 

  • Spider Web

Group Size: 10 – 100

Duration: 30 mins

Target Skills: Cooperation, Communication, Decision making, Leadership, Problem Solving

Description: It is a very interesting activity where the team members have to cross the web without touching the ropes. This activity requires high-level concentration, appropriate planning, and an efficient way to execute the task. The team members will enjoy doing the task as it is very challenging and requires good team coordination. Check out how many team members join you on the other side of the web. 

  • Tic Tac Toe

Group Size: 12-16

Duration: 20 mins

Target Skills: Problem-solving, Motivation, Decision-making, Critical Thinking

Description: As the name implies, it is the traditional game of tic-tac-toe and the rules are also the same. The only difference is that the team members will be moving on the board to play the game. All team members have to work on their critical thinking skills seriously, as one wrong move and you will lose the entire game.

  • Trust Walk

Group Size: 10 – 100

Duration: 1-2 hours

Target Skills: Trust, Communication, Coordination, Problem Solving, Risk Taking

Description: Add another enjoyable activity to your list in which teams are divided into equal numbers of members. All the team members are blindfolded except the leader. The leader has to guide the other team across a path full of obstacles without touching or destroying anything. The team members have to trust the leader and walk on the path guided by him or her. 

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